Monday, December 7, 2009

Tirumala and Tirupati Places to Visit

Tirumala and Tirupati, though thoroughly highly sacred places of pilgrimage only, they also offer fullest proof of their pristine beauty of a tourist potentiality and the reason why they remain the abode of many a great saint from time immemorial. Tirumala especially is renowned in many Vedic scriptures to be the abode of a 1000 "Theerthas" or sacred mountain streams and rivulets in its entire green expanse. Many of these have been discovered but they are only about a dozen or so. Many of them are still esoteric basically because of the terrain of the jungle and the lack of people who know a good part of these forests and the lore thoroughly. Even the discovered ones have been able to be discovered because of their Vedic fame since the "beginning" like The Tumburu Theertham and The Akashganga, Paapavinashanam and Kumaaradhaara theertham. Tirumala hills are embedded with such exquisite places that only seen to be believed.

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