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Tirupati Darshan Booking Chennai – Get Tickets

Tirupati Balaji is the most visited place of worship in the world and the most sacred of the 108 Divya Desam - Lord Balaji is no one size. God out of their own will appears on seven hills, and will continue here in seven hills.Tirumala Thirupati is popularly known as Kaliyuga Vaikuntam.Holy Temple of Lord Venkateswara is in top of Tirumala hills. The Holy Hills is located in the ancient literature and scriptures. Millions of people visit the Tirumala Balaji temple in Thirupati. View from a hill start to Alipiri is seen to be believed. Summit opened in the beautiful valley of the broad scope of size and background, as many stores fantasticall stones in the form of roads serpentine.Flora and fauna of the holy hill of provides an example of the ecological balance of nature. Exquisitevely carved and spiritually elevated the shrine with a Hindu deity of the Lord turned out to be seen to be believed. The imposition of a chain of seven hills in the corners and stretch across several rindges recalls the divine serpent Adisesha.

Tirupati Darshan Booking Chennai – Online Booking Tickets

TTD make travel from Tirumala to Akasa Ganga Paapanasanam, Venugopal Swamy temple. Other places of interest in Tirumala is SRIPAADAM (The First appearance of Lord balaji), SILA THORANAM.In yaatrai of Tirumala, take the blessings of Tiruchanur Thayar first, then Secondly to Sri Swamy Govindaraj darsanam,Third to darsanam of Lord Varahaswamy before visiting the main temple. It is the general principle enunciated by the Lord himself. With that, Thiruchanur and Govindaraj Swamy temple at Thirupati Lord himself and Varahaswamy Temple Hills is on.

The Tirumala Tirupati Darshan Booking Chennai Tour Packages – Tickets

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Tirupati darshan booking chennai, Online Booking

Tour Package 1 : Rs 1300 /- Tickets

5.00 amCheck out from T.Nagar by Luxury AC Tempo
9.00 amBreakfast in Thirupati
10.00 amContinues to Tirumala by Bus Government
11.45 amQuick access to the temple Rs 300 / -
01.45 pmBack to Thirupati for lunch
02.15 pmGoing to Alamelumanga Temple (Padmavathi)
04.00 pmDepart to Chennai
10.00 pmOn reaching Chennai, T.Nagar

Tour Package 2 : Rs 950 /- Tickets

10.00 pmCheck out from T.Nagar by Comfortable Tempo
After arriving in Tirumala Hotels Rooms Thirupati good place for recreation
4.30 amSpecial individual fingerprints tickets
7.00 amBreakfast in Thirupati
7.30 amFrom Thirupati continues to Tirumala by Bus Government
10.00 amEntry access to the temple
02.00 pmMove down the hills
02.30 pmLunch at the restuarant
03.30 pmGoing to Alamelumanga Temple (Padmavathi Thayar)
04.30 pmDepart to Chennai
08.30 pmOn reaching Chennai T. Nagar


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tirupati darshan online booking chennai

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