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From among the legends lying behind temples, one of the
strangest is Srikalahasti,36 km from the temple town of Tirupathi.
There is a temple of Shiva in the form of a Vayu Linga and the
legend behind it is that the deity was worshipped by a Spider (Sri)
that spun a web over it, while a Snake (Kala) placed a gem on
top of the linga and Elephant (Hasti) washed the Linga with
water. The temple lies on the banks of the river Swarnamuki a
valley. There are frequent buses from Tirupathi to the temple


Though theVijayanagar Empire ruled for only 20 years in the16th century, It contributed vastly to Telugu culture, art and literature. The last capital of Vijayanagar kings was Chandragiri, which is situated on the banks of the river Swarnamukhi in Chitoor District, ruins of the exist to this day and amidst them stand the Raja mahal and Rani mahal palaces that have been given a facelift and beauty. The fort atop a huge rock that stands 56metres tall is just 12km from the temple town of Tirupati.This is best historical place must to see.




This perennial waterfall located in the Nagari Valley near toTirupathi in Chittoor District originates from a fracture in a sheet rock. The water is clear and is considered sacred, said to be of substantial mineral value, the water is believed to have curative powers.

This waterfall is considered the threshold of the seven hills of Tirumala on which the shrine of lord Venkateswara is located, nestled in lush forests the 60 meter fall is a perennial one and standing under the cascade is said to cleanse the mind and body. Local transport can be engaged from Tirupathi to reach here.

One of the best-known Hill Resorts in AP,the place is named after
a British Collector of cuddapah retreat there in summer. Nestled in
the Hill ranges near Madanapalli in Chitoor District at an altitude of
1265 metres,it has a cool climate throughout the year. The delightful vegetation attracts exotic species of birds and the greening of the rishi valley nearby has attracted a large number of birds,rishi valley houses ect .The famous educational Institution founded by the modern day philosopher Jiddu Krishamurthy.The hills used to also be the summer so journ of the governor of the state, but the practice has been discontinued.Regular bus services are run from Madanapalle and private transport can be engaged from Tirupati,about 140 km away

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