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Educational activities in Tirupati

Educational activities in Tirupati

In 1876, when all activities of the temple were under the control of the Mahant of Hathiramjee Mutt, an educational institution called the Hindu High School was founded in Vellore. Another Hindu high school was established in Tirupati in 1886.

Now a day, TTD runs separate degree colleges, junior colleges and high schools for boys and girls in the Tirupati Town as well as around the Town. TTD also run one college in New Delhi. The list of the Colleges and schools which is run by the TTD is given below.

Professional Colleges at Tirupati
SPM Polytechnic, TirupatiSV Yoga Institute, Tirupati
SV College of Music and Dance, Tirupati
SV Ayurvedic College, Tirupati
Oriental Colleges at Tirupati
SV Oriental College, Tirupati
SVVVS College, Secunderabad

Degree Colleges

SV College, New Delhi
SV Arts college, Tirupati
SPW College, Tirupati
Sri Govindaraja Swami Arts College, Tirupati

Junior Colleges

SV Junior College, Tirupati
SPW Junior College, Tirupati

High Schools
SV Higher Secondary School, Vellore
SV High School, Tirupati
SP Girls High School, Tirupati
SGS High School, Tirupati
SV Oriental High School, Tirupati
SKRS (EM) High School, Tirupati
SV High School, Tirumala

Elementary Schools
SV Elementary School, Tirupati
SKS Elementary School, Thatithopu
SV Elementary School, Tirumala
SV Elementary School, Tirumala

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