Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sri Kalahasti Gopuram collapsed

The ‘Gali Gopuram’ of famous Sri Kalahasti Temple located at Kalahasti city in Chitur district that was built 400 years ago by Raja Sri Krishna Devaraya developed huge cracks vertically splitting the marvellous structure into two parts. The crack developed is clearly visible and experts guess that it may collapse any time. Hence, the authorities of the temple tightened the structure with a huge wire mesh around it to avert further cracks. But, small pieces of the structure are falling down indicating the worsening condition of the structure. Temple authorities have erected fencing in the surroundings to avoid any untoward incident.
Some devotees who often visit the temple said that the structure has developed cracks long time ago, but the concerned authorities neglected to repair the structure in time, that’s why it developed cracks further.
If, we click on the image attached to this article, then we can notice the small crack in the structure the enlarged image, which is taken long time ago by the temple authorities. Still, they ignored it and placed in the temple’s official website as if nothing happened. The same small crack is now developed into huge splitting the structure into two pieces.
Experts, district Officials and temple authorities who studies the damage are said to be proposing to dismantle the 133 feet tall ancient structure and rebuild the same model in the same place.

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