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Dwaraka Tirumala (Chinna Tirupati)

Sri Venkateswara Swamy Vari Devasthanam
Dwaraka Tirumala (Chinna Tirupati)
West Godavari District, A.P

Phones:08829 271427, 271469 FAX:- 08829 271766
History of the Temple:

Dwaraka Tirumala Devasthanam is situated on the top of the Seshachala Hill. A beautiful legend of untraceable antiquity current in these parts is that a great sage Dwaraka by name picked up and unearthed the idol of the Lord from an ant hill, tracing from the position of an eagle perching on soap nut tree as per instructions of Lord in Samadhi. Hence, the temple and village were named after the sage Dwaraka. The presiding mythological Deity Lord Sri Venkateswara is visible up to the bust size and the lower portion is imagined to be in the earth. The holy feet are said to be offered to Balichakravarthi in Pathala for his daily worship. The full size idol of Lord Venkateswara standing at the back of the main idol of Lord has been installed by the famous Vyshnavite Srimad Ramanujacharya in 11th century A.D. According to this temple tradition, two Kalyanams are being performed every year during the months of Vysakham and Aswayujam, which may be in the month of April-May and September-October respectively every year. The rituals are being performed as per Vykhanasa Agama in this temple.

Major Festivals:

The following Major Festivals are being performed in the temple:
• Giripradakshina (January)
• Swamy Vari Vysakha Kalyanam and
Radhotsavam(Car festival) (April-May)

• Pavithrotsavams. (September)
• Swamy Vari Aswayuja Kalyanam and
Radhotsavam(Car festival) (September-October)
• Teppotsavam
(Boat Festival in Nrusimha Sagar Tank) (November)
Particulars of Sevas and timings: 

The following Sevas are being performed in the temple:
 Nitya Arjitha Kalyanam Rs.1,000/- (9.30 am to 12.30 pm)
 Astotra Satanamarchana Rs.130/- (8.00 am to 12.00 noon)
 Suprabhatha Seva Rs.100/- (4.30 am to 5.00 am)
 Seegra Darsanam Rs.50/- (6.00 am to 1am and 3 pm to 9 pm)
 Snapana (Only Fridays) Rs.301/- (6.00 am to 8.00 am)
 Gopuja Rs.116/- (6.00 am to 12.00 noon)
Annadanam Scheme:

The Devasthanam is maintaining Annadanam scheme since 1984 and subsequently this scheme has been converted into Trust in the name of Sri Venkateswara Swamy Vari Saswatha Nitya Annadanam Trust. All the donations received from the donors are being deposited and the interest derived thereon is being spent towards Annaprasadam. Exemption U/s 80 G of I.T. Act covered for this Scheme.

Gosamrakshana Padhakam:

This Devasthanam is maintaining a Gosala with 370 cows, calves and one Elephant. Donations received from the donors towards ‘Gosamrakshana Padhakam’ was deposited in the shape of Fixed Deposits under the head ‘Gosamrakshana Padhakam’. . Exemption U/s 80 G of I.T. Act covered for this Scheme.

Cottages, Choultries, Rooms, Dormitory halls, Cloak room facilities are available in this Devasthanam for the stay of the piligrim public.
The following are the details of Room Tariff.

S.No. Cottage / Guest House Name Rate
1 Padmavathi Guest House (1.A.C. Suit)
Padmavathi Guest House (2.Non-A.C. Suit) Rs.500/-
2 Andal Guest House (1. A.C. Suit)
Andal Guest House (2. Non-A.C. Suit) Rs.500/-
3 Balaji Choultry (4) Single Rooms (for one room)
(For Advance Reservation)
Balaji Choultry (4) Double Rooms
(For Advance Reservation) Rs.75/-
4 T.T.D. Choultry Upstairs 12 Double Rooms (each one)
(For Advance Reservation)
T.T.D. A/C Rooms: 4 for Current Reservation
(For Advance Reservation) Rs.100/-
Rs. 500/- 
5 Alwar Choultry Single Rooms 16 (for each one)
(For Advance Reservation)
Ground floor (8 Rooms & 2 Halls)
1st floor (8 Rooms & 2 Halls) Rs.50/-
6 Rani Chinnamma Rao Choultry, I & II Blocks (Single Room)
(For Advance Reservation)
Rani Chinnamma Rao Choultry, I & II Blocks (Double Room)
(For Advance Reservation) Rs.75/-

7 Srinivasa Nilayam A/C Guest House (for 2 Suits) Rs.1,000/-
8 Sri Nilayam Guest House (for 2 Suits) Rs.1,000/-
9 Sri Hari Nilayam A/C Guest House (for 2 Suits) Rs.1,000/-
10 T.T.D. Kalyana Mandapam 4 Blocks (for each Block per day) Rs.500/-
11 Sri Sita Nilayam (Guest house) Rs.1,500/-
12 Sri Byrraju Nilayam (Guest house) Rs.1,500/-
13 Sudarshnam Guest House Non-Ac Rs. 800/-
14 Kousthubham Rs.2,500/-
15 Bhagiratha Rs.2,500/-
16 DwarakaNilayam(2 Suits)
Each Suit Rs.2,500/-
17 Venkata Rathna Giri Rs.1,000/-
18 Pachajanayam&Srichakara(1A/c,3non A/c) Rs.2,000/-
19 Srivatsa Rs.2,500/-
20 Sri Vibhu Rs. 2,500

How to Reach the temple:- 
Train facility:-
Dwarakatirumala is situated at 17 K.Ms to Bhimadolu Railway Station. Which is located in between Howrah- Madras Railway line. Passenger trains and Tirumala Express from Tirupati to Visakhapatnam halts at Bhimadolu Railway station. All Express trains plying between Howrah Madras halts “Eluru Railway Station.
Bus facility:-
A.P.S.R.T.C. plying regular busses to Dwarakatirumala from Eluru, Jangareddygudem, Tadeplligudem and Bhimadolu for every half-an-hour

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