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Sree Veerabrahmendra Swamy, 500 years ago, in his kalagnana, has prophesied that a Navaratna temple will be constructed in Kandimallayappalle (Brahmam Garimutt) in kaliyuga before his arrival. Sri Patnala Sanyasi Rao, an Industrialist from Chennai, has destined to be the Builder of this siginificant Temple at Brahmam Gari mutt. A Veda Pathashala is running at this temple premises. This temple is termed as navaratna temple, as 9 temples are located in this premises.
Sri Viswakarma is a Creator of entire Universe. He is Predecessor to all gods and goddess. Husbanding the mankind. Jaganmohini, an incarnation of Lord Sri Mahavishnu descended to kill demon Bhasmasura. Lord Siva fell in love with Jaganmohini, and was cursed by doddess Parvathi and as a result Lord Siva born in Bhulokam as Sage Srikalahasti and authored Sri Viswakarma Purana. As per the said purana Sri Viswakarma is “Swayambhuva” (self-born) from infinity.
He is a Creator, Protector and Destroyer. Entire universe is creation of Sri Viswakarma. From his foot to belly is considered as Brahmarupa, from belly to neck is Vishnu Rupa and from Neck to Head is Eswara. Bhumandal is his foot. Brahmandam is his stomach region, Vayuvu (Air) is his Prana, His face is Agni, Swargaloka is his Head, Eares are his directions, Stars and Navagrahas are his grayands. Panchabrahmas like Manu, Maya, Twashtra, Silpi, Viswagna are born from Panchamukhas of Sri Viswabrahma. Kshatriyas from his hands, Vysyas from his thigh, Sudras from his foot, Chandra from his Manas (Mind), Agni from his eyes, Vayu from his Prana are born.
  1. Manu-Brahma (Siva): First son of Viswakarma. Garnished his entire body with Vibudi, Moon in his Jatajoota, Ganga on his head, Neelakanta,Trinetras, Snakes twisted round his neck, Sat on ox, Skin and Sulam (Trident) in his hand.
  2. Maya-brahma (Vishunu):Second son of Viswakarma.Sat on Garuda,Blue in complexion with Sankhu, Chakra and Gadas in his hands.
  3. Twashtra-Brahma (Brahma): Third son of Viswakarma.Hamsavahana. Reading Vedas with his four faces, having Padma, Lekhini, Pustakam, Kutaram, Kamandalam, Sulam, Dandam, Akshmala in his eighthands and volved in creation of Universe.
  4. Silpi-brahma (Indra): Fourth son of Viswakarma.He is Gajavahana.Having Vajra Dhanush in his hand to destroy the demons and a Lord of all Devatas.
  5. Viswagna Brahma (Surya): Fifth son of Viswakarma.Having golden eyes sat on a chariot with Seven horses to dispel the darkness and awake the universe.
Universe communion of Panchabrahmas.It is the true creation of Viswakarma.Paramount importance is given to Viswakarma and his creation in Rigveda and Yajurveda, who is Panchamukha, Dasabhuja, Hamsavahana, Viswakarma is radiant, Powerful. Earth is his seat, Sky is his Body, Globe, Rivers, Hills and Seas are his Belly, Vedas are his face and is omni-present. The Viswarupa shown by Sri Krishna Bhagavan to Arjuna is nothing but the Viswarupam of Viswakarma only. Bhishma was privileged to have the Viswarupa of Visakarma on his death-bed.
Sakthi Stree Swarupini is half-shared body of Sri Viswakarma and is manifested as
  1. Adisakthi (Parvathi Devi)
  2. Parasakthis (Lakshmi Devi)
  3. Itcha Sakthi (Saraswathi Devi)
  4. Kriyasakthi (Sachidevi)
  5. Gnanasakthi (Sanja Devi)
Sons of Viswakarma are born as and at
  1. Manubrahma (Siva) with Adisakthi (Parvathi) is at the eastern side face of Viswakarma
  2. Mayabrahma (Vishnumurthi) with Parasakthi (Lakshmi) is Southernside face
  3. Twasthabrahma (Brahma) with Itcha Sakthi (Saraswathi) is the Westernside face
  4. Brahma (Indra) with Kriyasakthi (Sachidevi) is Northern side face
  5. Viswagna Brahma (Surya) with Gnanasakthi (Sanja Devi) is the upright face (Northeast)
The said Panchabrahmas got five sons each and thus these twenty five sons have again given five births each and thus 125 Gotra Rushis are born from the genealogy of Viswakarma. Thus we all belong to the genealogy of Sri Viswakarma.This is the genealogical history of Sri Viswakarma.

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